Crucial information

15 February 2019Anna Boon

On Tuesday the 19th of February, the Symposium: 'Looking back from 2050' will be held!
The programme is complete, the nametags are being printed, and the event is sold out.

We would like to invite you to start the day off at 9:15 with a cup of coffee in LantarenVenster. At exactly 9:45 the first presentation by our keynote speaker Pancras Dijk (chief editor of De Ingenieur) will start. Make sure you picked up your name tag and found a spot in the audience before then. During the day, lunch and beverages are provided. 
The symposium will be concluded at about 17:30 at which time the drinks will start in the foyer of LantarenVenster.

During the day we will use a feedback system (mentimeter) which works via the website (In case you need to log in, the code is: 77 99 10). Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can ask questions and respond to the speakers using this tool!

The address of LantarenVenster is Otto Reuchlinweg 996, 3072 MD Rotterdam
When you choose to arrive by public transport we advise you to come to Rotterdam Central station by train. There you can take either the metro (line D or E) or the tram (line 12, 20, 23 or 25) to Wilhelminaplein. From there it is a five-minute walk to LantarenVenster. For people traveling from Delft we advise this travel plan.
In case you come by car we advise you to park at World Port Center. At LantarenVenster you can buy an exit ticket for € 8.25.