We want to thank you all for attending the Symposium! On this page we have compiled some of the results from the day. We have also uploaded the photos that were taken during the Symposium, these can be found under the media tab. We are working on an aftermovie of the event which will also be uploaded to this page.

We are proud to present you the poem, by Daniël Dee, that was written during the Symposium to summarize the event.

Harmony in motion

                                                 an almost sustainable readymade

caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
don't run aground burn explode collide

where to start from a port of a coastal state
love boat on a tanker – driving forces – is a good beginning

the waves the current the wind

level the playing field or tilt it – move faster
go further then what you see on the surface

it's up to all of us – we are you are I am oh
I am you are we are going to create new waves

although changing behavior is the most difficult
awareness will help – never too old to learn

the effects are unknown – it's an active field of study
combine biomass with synthetic fuel

close the cycle cost effective develop the concept
it's not just size that matters but also density

noise levels are increasing – the effect are unknown
it's not clear  what the industry wants with it 

where is propeller guy when you need him
to charge a chain of events – to start

the engines – to break the silence about underwater noise

confused at a much higher level – more and more
complex – the combustion engine is here to stay

we are in transition – fast like a cannonball
there is some work left for you to do

the ships ordered now should be ready for tomorrow
refurbished cradle to cradle glamorous and shiny

the value of connection – it's up to all of us
know the ropes – don’t let it become our Moby Dick

we've only got one blue planet – run a tight ship
with a longer lifespan – work globally

innovate universally – beyond imagination
start with the end in mind – create new waves

                                   and sail into the future

Daniël Dee