Jumbo Maritime has been developing pioneering solutions for ocean transportation for more than 50
years. Since 2003, building on our heavy lift capability, Jumbo has established a sound track record in
the worldwide shipping and offshore market, ranging from deep sea-, to wind energy-related transport
and installations.

Today, we operate versatile and in-house designed heavy lift vessels with a lifting capacity from 800t up
to 3,000t. Two of our J-1800 class Transport and Installation vessels, Jumbo’s Fairplayer and Jumbo
Javelin, are equipped with a DP2 system, enabling them to provide transport in combination with
offshore installation services.

In today’s rapidly changing maritime sector, Jumbo faces new challenges. With global supply chains
under pressure, efficiency plays a vital role in the operation of our vessels. At the same time, geopolitical
tensions are directly limiting our sailing routes and pose risks to our offshore projects. Furthermore, we
see a need to secure our knowledge in the Dutch maritime sector to maintain our worldwide
competitive position.

As an overarching problem, climate change will dictate the way that we operate. Steps towards net-zero
projects must be taken now, in order to reach the emission reduction goals of 2030 and 2050. On
multiple levels, CO2 reductions can be realized; from making small but impactful changes to our existing
vessels to designing green newbuild vessels. The availability of green fuels and their infrastructure is
currently a hot topic. As Jumbo often operates in remote, inaccessible locations, we need to come up
with solutions to supply our vessels with sufficient green fuels, everywhere around the globe. To
overcome this challenge, a true change of course is needed.

In our engineering work, we must encourage progress through innovation and automation. Artificial
intelligence will play a key role in the near future and onwards, only it is still unclear in what form. From
AI assisting in everyday tasks to performing simulations and data analytics, maritime companies and
their engineers need to rethink the way they incorporate AI in their work. First steps are to make AI
decisions more clear to the user, while mitigating cyber security risks. User experiences should be
shared company-wide in an open source environment.

With this in mind, Jumbo aims to accelerate its projects by fostering an open work culture, where
innovative ideas are welcomed. Employees from different departments easily get in contact with each
other, ensuring knowledge exchange and innovative progress.

Feel free to approach us at the Froude Symposium to discuss these challenges, or explore your
opportunities as we offer several internships, graduation projects, and jobs.